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Initial thoughts: Jaguar XF-R

initial thoughts jaguar xf-r

Jay Leno isn’t the only one lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the 510 HP Jaguar XF-R, thanks to our local Jaguar fleet service Top Speed has just received a brand new Indigo Blue version of the now Indian automaker’s high performance four door. The crown jewel of the XF-R is the new 5.0 Liter supercharged V8 that makes over 500 ground pounding horses and takes the XF from 0 to 60 MPH in as little as 4.7 seconds and can complete the standing quarter mile in just over 13.0 seconds.

The XF-R sets itself apart from lesser XF models thanks to Jaguar’s aero performance design that includes a new lower hanging front bumper with a larger mesh grille and functional cutouts in the hood to allow a little hot air to vent. The sides of the car sit lower to the ground thanks to a set of restyled side skirts and out back the XF-R receives a subtle trunk mounted spoiler to go along with the distinctive R badge. One of the nicest touches included by the Jaguar design team are the 20 inch Nevis alloy wheels that clearly spell out that this XF is something special.

On the inside our XF-R is a step up from the standard model. There is the same familiar wood grain, but this time the seats are much more bolstered and are covered in a combination of London Tan and Charcoal leather that makes a set of seats that are as nice to look at as they are to sit in. Jaguar has kept the familiar dial style gear selector, but we have a hard time imagining it in any other setting aside from Sport. If you have ever been inside of an XF you know just how plush and luxurious the cabin can be, the XF-R takes it a step further and adds in a little taste of sport.

In true English fashion, all the extra performance of the XF-R comes in an understated package. The XFR distinguishes itself with larger air intakes, a couple small hood louvers, and a few new chrome bits. This restrained look may do well for the classic English automobile; at a price of only $80,000 this Jaguar XF-R makes strong competition for four door super cars like the

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